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A proud family legacy — Mi Rebus Haji Wahid continues the proud tradition in Shaftsbury, Putrajaya. Behind every legacy, there will always be a story. Today, Cik Min will share a story behind this Mi Rebus Haji Wahid’s restaurant in Shaftsbury, Putrajaya, based on the article by New Straits Times.

Mi Rebus Haji Wahid: The Story Behind

mi rebus haji wahid

“ALWAYS work hard Shafiq. Because nobody’s going to do it for you,” the old man says to his grandson. His cucu only nods in response, his small hand securely holding his grandfather’s wizened fingers as they walk slowly across the road toward the mosque. The sound of the azan soon fills the room, putting an end to any further conversation between them. They enter the prayer hall together, joining the rest of the crowd, ready to face their Creator.

“My grandfather always told me to keep striving and work hard,” confides Mohd Shafiq Yusrihafizi. The eldest of four siblings, Shafiq, who later went on to boarding school in Penawar, remembers spending his early years with his grandparents who lived in Tebrau, Johor. “By then, Bak (grandfather) had already retired from the business, so he had ample time to hang with his cucu. We would go to the mosque together and of course, spend time around the house,” recalls Shafiq, his eyes misting at the memory.

The Outlets

The affable 31-year-old has just been in business for a month here at Shaftsbury Putrajaya Mall in Presint 1. His “outlet” is taking up the front half of a café that also accommodates three other vendors, with Min Coffee being the major tenant. Shafiq now has three locations: one in Aeon Mall in Puchong and another in Shah Alam.

Continuing with his story, the Johorean proudly shares that his late grandfather was very passionate about the business which he had inherited from his own father, the late Wak Baidali, back in 1938.

Popular Menu at Mi Rebus Haji Wahid

mi rebus haji wahid
Mi Rebus Daging

The most popular item in this outlet is the Mi Rebus Daging. The meat, so tender and fresh, goes really well with the flavourful gravy, which is heavier and nuttier in taste and has a distinctive aroma of ground dried shrimps.

Also, here are some of the other menus that are available at Mi Rebus Haji Wahid.

mi rebus haji wahid
Soto Nasi Impit
mi rebus haji wahid
Mi Rebus Gearbox


Now that we have looked into some of the delicious menus, Cik Min believes everybody wants to know the restaurant’s exact location, right? Worry not, Cik Min will share the restaurant’s location for your future reference! Here it is:


Available for dine-in, take-away and delivery.

Address: (Inside Min Coffee) LG-06, Shaftsbury Putrajaya, Jalan Alamanda, Presint 1, Putrajaya

Call: 012-276 3068

Facebook: Mi Rebus Haji Wahid Shaftsbury Putrajaya

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